Home Care Instructions

Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be slightly tender for several days as a result of manipulation during treatment and the previous condition of your tooth. This tenderness is normal and is no cause for alarm. We recommend using a warm salt water rinse (8oz of water, 1teaspoon of salt) as a mouth wash to help alleviate some of the discomfort in your gum tissue. Use the entire glass and DO NOT SWALLOW. If you have high blood pressure please consult with your doctor.

Your jaw muscles may be sore after being open for so long. You may find a cold or hot compress to be helpful. 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off alternating on both sides of your jaw is most effective.

Do not chew food on the affected side, and avoid any hard or crunchy foods such as popcorn, nuts, or hard candies on either side, until your endodontic therapy is completed and your tooth is covered with a protective restoration provided by your restorative dentist; this usually means a crown. You may continue your regular dental hygiene regimen.

Discomfort may be alleviated by taking ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin), aspirin, or acetaminophen (Tylenol) as directed. We have found a combination of two (2) 200mg Ibuprofen taken WITH one (1) 500mg Acetaminophen every 6 hours to be the most effective way to alleviate discomfort – HOWEVER if you are unable to take one, or both, of these medications please take what you normally would for a headache.

NOTE: Alcohol intake is not advised while taking any of these medications. Should you experience discomfort that cannot be controlled with the above listed medications, or should swelling develop, please contact this office immediately.

Please Click Here for our After Care Pamphlet

The Clinic Phone is answered by day and the After Hours Emergency number by night. If you get an answering machine at either number please be sure to leave a message. If you need to call after hours, please have your pharmacy number available.